Special Birthday Showing of
"My Fair Lady"
On the big screen at
the Morrison Center for Performing  Arts
in Boise,  Idaho
August 5,  2000.
Celebrating Velma Morrison's 80th birthday.


On the morning of August 5, 2000,
The Northwest Theatre Equipment crew
installed 35mm projection equipment
 for a one showing only
of "My Fair Lady" to celebrate
Velma Morrison's 80th birthday.
There were over 800 persons in attendance,
including all the living past Governors of Idaho!

towards booth

As you can see, this auditorium is
very large, but was never equipped with
35mm projection equipment.

Here are some shots of our setup.


We installed a Simplex XL projector with a
Simplex 5 star soundhead.
A Xetron 3000 watt lamphouse was also used.

An Eprad mutt was used as a film transport
because of the ease of portability.

We at Northwest Theatre Equipment really enjoy
doing special setups like this!